Behavioral Health Services Providing holistic care to
patients with a primary diagnosis
relating to mental health

Behavioral Health Services

The Behavioral Health Services Department of Memorial Hospital and Health Care Services provides holistic care to patients with primary diagnosis relating to psychiatric conditions.

Candidates for admission include adults (18 years of age or older) who have a psychiatric medical condition warranting treatment in an acute, short-term, in-patient treatment program whom are mentally, physically, and behaviorally capable of participating in the therapeutic milieu.

Patients may be admitted to the Behavioral Health Services Department from the hospital Emergency Department, transferred from another treatment provider, or by direct admission from a physician. To ensure that patients meet admission criteria and can benefit from the psychiatric services provided, patients are assessed and/or screened by a psychiatric social worker.

While in Behavioral Health Services, patients will be cared for by a team of professionals which are led by a treating psychiatrist. A social worker is the spokesperson for the treatment team and will meet with patients regularly while in the hospital and coordinate any contacts that are mutually agreed upon. A psychiatrist will meet with patients regularly and may order medication to help improve the patient's condition. A general health practitioner will be available to address any general medical problems that may arise or need to be managed while patients are hospitalized. 24 hour care is provided by psychiatric nursing staff.

For further information, please call 812-996-0437.

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