Sleep Center Are you doing more clock-watching
than sleeping at night?

Memorial Hospital Sleep Center

Are you doing more clock-watching than sleeping at night? Do you know that sleep is one of the most restorative functions of the body? Sleep aids concentration, helps you fight disease, reduces stress, and generally makes you feel more energized and alert. Lack of sleep, over a sustained period of time, is very harmful to your body and requires corrective treatment.

Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center gives area residents a place to turn for diagnosis of sleep disorders at the Memorial Hospital Sleep Center. It is located in the Medical Arts Building (Suite 202) at 721 West 13th Street in Jasper on the campus of Memorial Hospital.

The Sleep Center utilizes the latest sleep testing equipment from Respironics - The G3 Diagnostic Sleep System, which is a fully integrated sleep laboratory system incorporating the Masimo technology for pulse oximetry. Each of the four bedroom-like units has a private bath/shower and one is handicap-accessible. A respiratory therapist, as well as CPAP/BIPAP/VPA information, equipment and supplies are available on location; and Memorial Hospital's Respiratory Home Care/Home Medical (DME) office is located in an adjoining suite. RU Sleeping is an assessment tool that can be rented by the client for potential obstructive sleep apnea. It does not require a physician's order.

For more information about Memorial Hospital Sleep Center, please call 812-996-2186. A Physician or Nurse Practitioner referral is required for sleep studies.

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