Pastoral Care Providing spiritual and emotional support to patients and their families

Pastoral Care

One full-time and six on-call chaplains provide spiritual and emotional support to patients and their families. The ultimate goal of pastoral care is to help facilitate healing of mind, body and spirit. Though patients are routinely visited by the chaplains, a visit can also be arranged by informing staff or by calling the Pastoral Care office. Chaplains provide a safe environment for patients and family members to share what most concerns them. By providing a listening, caring presence, a chaplain can help patients and family members work through the myriad of thoughts and emotions that a health crisis can raise.

For Catholic patients, a priest, deacon, or lay minister brings Communion daily. Upon request, the celebration of the sacrament of the sick or the sacrament of reconciliation can also be arranged. Mass is celebrated every Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. in the Chapel.

The Pastoral Care staff works diligently to link patients with their faith community. Pastors of all faith traditions are encouraged and welcomed to visit and provide pastoral care to members of their churches.

For families who suffer the death of a loved one who was receiving care through Memorial Hospital, a memorial service is held every four months to support them in their loss. A Grief Recovery program is also offered semi-annually to help families and friends work through the feelings of loss that death inevitably brings.

For further information on these or other pastoral care services, please contact the Pastoral Care Department at 812-996-0219.

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