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Foundation Overview

More than forty years after its incorporation in 1974, MEMORIAL HOSPITAL FOUNDATION has changed its focus and structure in order to better meet the needs of future health care users and an aging population. The Foundation realigned itself to grow! Its current Mission and Vision Statements are:

Our Mission:

Memorial Hospital Foundation operates for the benefit of Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center and follows the mission of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary.

Our Vision:

"We strive to provide resources that enhance Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center’s ability to transform lives and achieve its vision." 

The Foundation has a full-time executive director, Mike Jones, and an administrative assistant, Pam Pund. The structure of the Foundation has shifted from a single Board of Directors to a Board plus a Development Council. In addition to a thirteen-member Board of Directors which is responsible for policy, financial, and operational decisions, there are currently four other committees that address specific areas of importance to the Foundation, local communities, and the Hospital.

The Board of Directors includes:

E. Kyle Bennett, PRESIDENT
Mark Buechlein
Sr. Renee Cunningham, LCM
Cindy Gaskins
Andrea Hedinger Gramelspacher
Mike Jones, EX-OFFICIO
Rita Poirier
Ted Miller, EX-OFFICIO
Ken Sendelweck
Ray Snowden
Greg Turner
Ally Adams

The four committees of the Development Council address and focus on community areas of need and interest so that both the communities served and the hospital can benefit from mutual collaboration. They are as follows:

The Planned Giving Committee, as a public service, offers free public seminars regarding Estate Planning and other planned giving matters. This committee also sponsors free public seminars on topics such as Medicare changes, long-term care or nursing home insurance coverage, and other educational areas of interest to the public. It will even provide estate planning assistance for donors who wish to take advantage of this service. Members of this committee are:

Tom Birk
John Chappell
Bob Fowler
John Gunselman
Mike Jones, EX-OFFICIO
Karen Krodel
Tom Krodel
Dave Krueger
Darren Patterson

In addition to the efforts of this committee, the Foundation has offered FREE estate planning via its executive director and a specialist who has been going to the hospital every month since 2009. All meetings are confidential and free, and appointments may be made by calling 812-996-8426.

The Business and Industry Committee’s main purpose is to provide a direct communication link between the business and industrial community and hospital President and CEO, Kyle Bennett. This group has discussed insurance coverage, health issues such as smoking, obesity, and wellness, along with other topics of concern. This committee is ever vigilant with regards to health care legislation and its impact on both local businesses and the hospital. Committee members are:

Bret Ackerman, CHAIRPERSON
John Becher
Alissa Brosmer
Luke Buchta
Suzanne Hurst
Mike Jones, EX-OFFICIO
Michael Kern
Brenda Neuhoff
Kristy Neukam
Kevin Olinger
Nanette Parsons
Phil Seger
Cindy Weinzapfel

The Annual Support Committee deals with fund-raising events that occur on a regular basis. Events such as the Topaz Gala, the Memorial Hospital Foundation/Sultan’s Run Charity Golf Classic, the annual year-end appeal, and other cyclical events fall under the responsibilities of this group. This committee is also charged with finding new and varied ways to create friends while raising funds for the Foundation. Committee members are:

Susan Abbett
Jane Flannagan
Sandy Savill Adcock
Andrea Hedinger, CHAIRPERSON
Chad Hoffman
Nick Schnarr
Jim Siebert
Sandy Siebert
Samantha Venderely
Andy Welsh
Kim Wilson, DDS

The fourth committee that functions within the Development Council is the Community Outreach Committee. This group is responsible for planning and hosting educational health events for the general public and school-age children. Working in concert with the hospital’s Health and Wellness staff and Faith Community Nursing, this committee works to create a better quality of life by teaching the community how to make better health and safety choices. Members of this committee are:

Sr. Christine Kempf, OSB
Missy Krempp
Shari Krempp
Robin Norris
Sherry Philbrick
Mickey Seger
Nick Stevens
Marilyn Weisheit

Plans are also underway to form more committees in the future including a Special Prospects Committee and a Hospital Employee Committee. In short, we want to involve all of our friends and constituents to help the Foundation and Hospital meet the needs of the communities we serve.

During 2016, the Helping Other Produce Enthusiasm (HOPE) Garden grew and distributed over 3,300 pounds of fresh vegetables to more than 715 families in six area counties. This project evolved from the Catholic Health Association and Practice Greenhealth’s MISSION BASIS for ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY whose mission was: “… to act responsibly toward the environment in order to show our respect for all creation and to promote the health of our communities and the world... “  

Because the Foundation was gifted tillable acreage about six years ago, it was decided to plant a two to three acre ‘volunteer’ garden and have the produce go to food insecure areas where good nutrition was lacking. In addition to supplying needed food stuffs, the Foundation would be able to address the Affordable Care Act’s emphasis on “Population Health” by providing quality, healthy food to those in need. Working primarily with a corps of community volunteers, all planting, weeding, picking, cleaning, weighing, and distribution was coordinated by The HOPE Garden Committee, comprised of the following people:

Becky Beckman
Barry Day
Ellen Corn
Andrea Hedinger Gramelspacher
Duane Gress
Terry Hoffman
Mike Jones
Jill Knies
Brad Leistner
Erin Meyer
Lanet Owen
Bill Rubino
Ashlee Sudbury
Brian Uebelhor

In addition to the 2016 outdoor growing success of the HOPE Garden, Superior Ag of Huntingburg donated ten Aeroponic Towers so that the healthy vegetable growing could continue indoors during the fall and winter months.

If anyone is interested in helping with the garden, please call 812-996-8426!

Effective December 31, 2016

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