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Memorial Hospital Foundation was incorporated as a 501-(c)-3 organization in the state of Indiana on December 16, 1974. Its purpose, as stated in the Articles of Incorporation, was that:

"...said corporation [i.e., Memorial Hospital Foundation] is organized exclusively for charitable...purposes...to operate exclusively for the benefit of...Memorial Hospital...whose principal purposes are the providing of medical and hospital care, medical education, and engaging in medical research...to maintain, develop and increase and extend the facilities and
services of Memorial Hospital...to solicit and receive by gift, grant, devise or bequest...both real and personal property [and] to hold property...for the benefit of Memorial Hospital."

Nearly forty years after its incorporation in 1974, Memorial Hospital Foundation has undergone a change in focus and structure in order to better meet the needs of future health care users and an aging population. The Foundation has realigned itself to grow!

For more information about the Memorial Hospital Foundation please contact:

Michael A. Jones
Executive Director
812-996-8426 (voice)
812-996-8427 (fax)

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